The INTER-CARE Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization established to help individuals and families who have been affected by the disease of addiction gain access to quality treatment regardless of their financial and insurance status. Through donations and grants, the INTER-CARE Foundation provides funding for treatment scholarships, family services, wellness programs and critical support for education and prevention.


In 2013, over 250 people received treatment they could not otherwise afford thanks to the generous donations of others. Your gift will help us meet our goal of helping 500 people each year. Gifts for scholarships go directly to the cost of treatment for all levels of care at our INTER-CARE Outpatient Program.


For more than 25 years, INTER-CARE has been providing outpatient addiction treatment services to individuals and families. We believe that every individual with a desire for and commitment to recovery is entitled to the best treatment possible regardless of their financial or insurance status. Over the years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the volume of requests from people desperate for help and in need of financial assistance. With only a limited amount of scholarship resources, we found ourselves turning away so many filled with hope and ready to make a commitment to recovery.

In response to the challenge of providing ongoing and comprehensive treatment to those in need of support, the INTER-CARE Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization was established in 2010. Through donations and grants, INTER-CARE Foundation is able to provide funding for treatment scholarships, family services, wellness programs and information and referral services. These tools are essential in facilitating the transformative process of recovery, increasing awareness and combating this disease in our communities.

The INTER-CARE Foundation is run by volunteers responsible for directing the Foundation’s activities toward its mission by bridging benefactors and those served by INTER-CARE to support its programs.




Family Programs

Addiction affects the entire family, and the INTER-CARE Foundation shapes various workshops and programs geared to ease the recovery process at home and within the patient’s circle of friends.

Self-Care Initiatives

The INTER-CARE Foundation recognizes wellness programs are a key part to self-healing and recovery.  Meditation and relaxation classes are options offered to help the road to recovery.

Outpatient Services

Our individualized treatment comprises pychosocial evaluations where a clinical plan is designed by our team of experts as established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


INTER-CARE Manhattan Facility


We are a private substance abuse treatment facility for working individuals. Established in 1989, INTER-CARE serves the Tri-State community with comprehensive services including early intervention, outpatient detox, outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Contact The INTER-CARE Foundation:
51 East 25th St
New York, NY 10010
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Laura Lessa

Laura Lessa, LMSW

A co-founder of The INTER-CARE Foundation and Chief Program Officer of INTER-CARE, Laura is an expert at developing wellness groups, professional workshops, conferences, special events, and family programs for the INTER-CARE community.

Contact:  llessa@inter-care.com
212-532-0303 x314

Maria Gross

Maria Mercado Gross

A co-founder of the INTER-CARE Foundation and CFO of INTER-CARE, Maria helps insure individuals and their families affected by addiction gain access to quality treatment regardless of their financial and insurance status.

Contact: mgross@inter-care.com
212-532-0303 x319


“I could see what addiction did to me through my children’s eyes. Now they look at me with pride again.”

– Dianne W.

“I cannot thank the INTER-CARE Foundation enough for giving me my life back.”

– Deborah S.

“The family orientation program opened so many doors for our family. We no longer struggle alone.”

– Wendy P.

“I thought I had lost my child forever. Thank you for giving my daughter back to me.”

– Megan C.

“The scholarship I received from the INTER-CARE Foundation changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

– Joe H.